A simple addition of molding along the top cabinets adds a decorative touch and provides more kitchen storage space for showcasing your favorite dishes. It is painted to match other features in the kitchen. You can also replace your cabinets with trendy open shelves. Create more space in your closets by adding extra shelves.

This is perfect if you have smaller items like coffee mugs or spices. Add this shelf and now you have two layers on every shelf in your closet. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative kitchen storage hacks, solutions, ideas, and tips to help you get as much space out of your kitchen as possible without sacrificing style or your bank account. If you don’t have room on your shelves for those cutting boards, try this cool kitchen hack with a door holder over

the cabinet.

Find simple kitchen storage solutions that will blow your mind and get your kitchen working again. These cool kitchen organization ideas are perfect for a complete kitchen renovation or simply a closet organization in a pantry. You can add storage containers, unusually used kitchen utensils, or spare linen and roll them into the kitchen when needed. These easy kitchen storage solutions should make all the difference when designing your functional kitchen