The best street food in the world. Shawarma is made by cooking meat on skewers and then slicing it into thin slices. The meat is usually lamb or chicken, but it can also be beef or turkey. Shawarma is usually served in a pita bread or wrap and then topped with vegetables and


Because of its convenience, flavor, and versatility, shawarma has become a popular street food all over the world. It can be eaten as a quick snack or as a complete meal, and can even be adapted to any dietary preference. For anyone looking for a hearty sandwich or a light wrap, shawarma is an excellent option. Use the street food dish you’re looking for as the end destination


Many of the world’s most fascinating markets and remarkable street food stands are located in areas far away from tourist centers and popular neighborhoods. The search for street food often creates a “mission” that takes you through the city to and through neighborhoods you might not otherwise visit. If you’re on an organized tour, ask your guide about local street food and include it in the itinerary, or go it on your own during your free time. A paratha is a type of layered bread that is cooked in ghee (clarified butter)


They can be served with pickles, yogurt, homemade chutneys, or with meat and vegetable curries. They are also eaten pure or simply dipped in tea. While the rest of Central America is all about corn, Honduras street food main dish, the baleada, is made from wheat flour. So far, my favorite street food is grilled corn on the cob in Sapporo, glazed

with a slightly sweetened soy sauce.

Poutine originates from the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec and is a classic Canadian street food with French fries garnished with cheese quark and brown sauce. The traditional Levantine flatbreads baked in a red-hot brick oven are a quick and easy street food staple, and this old-school bakery in Karama in Dubai has been offering the freshest manoushe for decades. There is so much street food on offer all over India, from South Indian dishes like dosa to North Indian tandoori specialties. They are almost as fun to eat as they are made by the masters working on the street with their special funnel pans and smiles


It’s not as common as a Rolex, another popular Ugandan street food made with a fried egg and vegetables rolled up with chapati, but a kikomando will fill you up for the rest of the day. The snack is a clear legacy of the influence of the country’s large ethnic Indian population. It consists of two baras, a fried flatbread that is a variant of the Indian vada and is filled with curry channa (chickpeas), a food that is popular in South Asian cuisine. It has become possible to find “good food, sophisticated restaurant food” almost anywhere in the world. If you love the spicy kick that foods like Vada Pav provide, you should also consider traveling the world to discover the spiciest


Takoyaki is one of the most popular types of street food in Japan because it’s delicious and easy to eat on the go. Tornado potatoes, or Höori Gamja as they’re known in Korean, are a popular Korean snack that looks as great as it