Legends Corner · Tootsies Orchid Lounge · The Stage on Broadway Not sure what you’re looking for? The lovely people at Attaboy will find out for you.. Tell them what you want and they’ll make a drink just for you.. No formal menu is required. Just tell your server what you like and let them sort it out. Be patient though; you’ll be knocking on the door in Attaboy and waiting to be let in until there’s a seat available for you and your group..

In this case, patience is definitely a virtue.. On the other side of The Nation’s, seven blocks from the 51st Avenue corridor, is Fat Bottom Brewing, arguably the place where Music City’s great brewing boom began in earnest. The Hop Yard is a huge 33,000 square foot facility with an expansive outdoor patio perfect for dogs, kids, or both. Fat Bottom beers are bold, aggressive beers that suit every palate. The Hop Yard is perfect for an afternoon drink on a sunny day.

Southern Grist offers no frills, just good beer in East Nashville, The Nations and its new, highly conceptual Lauter location on Douglas Avenue.. Southern Grist isn’t afraid to experiment, and the results can often be fascinating, such as Pineapple Upside Down Cake (a New England Milkshake IPA), Key Lime Pie Sour Ale and Dancing On Barrels, a Monster Scottish Wee Heavy with 10.1% alcohol content, aged in whiskey barrels for 17 months. At the helm of JW Marriott is one of Nashville’s brightest new stars. The bourbon steak is expensive but worth it. Not only does it provide an excellent meal, it not only offers one of Nashville’s most robust whiskey menus, but it not only offers a stunning bar with views of Broadway from 34 stories above the street..

It offers one of Nashville’s most unique drinking experiences, the Wagyu Old Fashioned, made at your table with fat-washed blantons and hickory smoke.. Springwater is neither a supper club nor a lounge, but a bar; possibly the oldest continuously operating bar in Tennessee (founded 189). The small stage has hosted many local hidden gems and up-and-coming artists (such as the Black Keys and Taylor Swift). Bring cash to tip the band and pay for the beer. As for Nashville, 12 South Taproom could be the original craft bar. Long selection and little pretentiousness, 12 South is exactly what you’d expect from a bar that encourages you to branch out and experiment.

The sister spot 12 South, 51 North stands for elegance, just like its predecessor its first-class diving mantra. Nudie’s likes to brag that the city’s 100-foot-long bar is the longest bar in town, if you believe their billboards (I’ll admit I didn’t do the groundwork required to confirm or deny that).. That might get you to the door, but the clothes of Nudie Cohn, who dressed up country music stars from Hank Williams to Elvis Presley, will immerse you in the history of country music for hours on end. Bar East, the latest project from exuberant restaurateur and television competitor Nina Singto, who frequently cooks on television, is an absolutely sexy cocktail lounge with one of the few rooftop bars on the East Side..

Savor internationally inspired, upscale street food bites as you savor creative cocktails, beer, and wine. The space is full of Instagram-worthy surprises, from the ultra-fashionable restrooms to the inviting Aerie on the top floor.. East Nashville has never seen anything like this. Pinewood Social is a true multi-purpose establishment that serves food from breakfast until late at night, with specialty coffee from the local Crema, vintage bowling alleys where Reese Witherspoon spent her birthday, and an outdoor area with a plunge pool, table tennis and bocce. Pinewood Social still manages to focus on its world-class cocktail program..

Long before custom ice programs became a presumptuous necessity in upscale lounges, the dedicated mixologists at Pinewood carved their cubes by hand from huge blocks of ice that were delivered daily.. These dice end up in some of the most creative cocktails in town, but please don’t spill your drink on the bowling alleys. One is the intimate space before guests have the pleasure of enjoying a menu in the small tasting restaurant at Josh Habiger’s fantastic, award-winning chef table.. But the Big Bar at Bastion only offers one meal, probably the best nachos you’ll ever come across in Nashville..

The remarkable mix of vegan or fried chicken chips and cheese and queso and cotija cheese and pickled onions, jalapeños, olives and sour cream is absolutely insightful, but don’t be distracted by the imaginative and affordable cocktails that the talented mixologists hand out to smart diners via the bar. The atmosphere of the lovely bar area is like being invited to a garden party at Josh’s house, under lights across the garden, but with even better drinks.. There is no menu in the bar on the floor above chef Sean Brock’s modernist Appalachian restaurant Audrey. Instead, guests are presented with a basket of five different fresh products, which are paired with a single spirit and a few creations from the restaurant’s R%26D laboratory to create a quintet of fascinating complex cocktails of the day..

The atmosphere is zen-like and the drinks can be life-changing, so indulge in the experience. Even after Chef Ford Fry opened his Nashville location from The Optimist after an almost incessant delay, there was more to look forward to with Le Loup’s announcement. True to the restaurant below’s focus on seafood, Le Loup serves oysters, clams, mussels, and a few other small dishes that are the perfect addition to the menu of inventive cocktails. In addition to elegant highballs and other drinks served straight in a coupe glass or over rocks, the bar offers an entertaining selection of different versions of martini throughout history..

Sipping on a raw oysters and mignonette snack in the sumptuous lounge atmosphere of Le Loup is the perfect way to leave the problems of the day behind. Some of the best nights in Nashville end at Legends Corner. Maybe it’s the soft drinks, maybe it’s the exceptional live music, maybe it’s the mix of vintage cars and bachelor parties that live together harmoniously. If there’s a queue, it’s worth the wait.

There are a lot of honky-tonks on Broadway, but Layer Cake stands out like a sweet piece of buttermilk cake in a box of beer-battered chicken. There are pink thrones, golden monkeys hang from ceiling lamps and alcohol bottles with sparklers. So don’t expect anything subtle. The name has nothing to do with dessert, but rather refers to the diverse experiences offered on each floor: lounge cocktails on the first floor, salmon and ribeye dinners glazed with bourbon sriracha on the second, dance parties with DJs on the roof terrace and martinis in the intimate speakeasy in the basement.. It’s an adventure that you can choose for yourself and that offers a nice change from many other Broadway commercials.

Acme Feed %26 Seed is a four-story bar and restaurant on Broadway with a great rooftop terrace. Rum bars and Nashville may not be an immediately obvious combination, but that only makes discovering this place even more exciting. Upper Demonbreun deserves more credit on this list; there’s too much action in too many interesting bars and restaurants, on that oft-disregarded sidewalk lost between The Gulch, Broadway, Division Street, and other well-known Nashville nightlife areas. But when Nashville is looking for a great cocktail, there’s no shortage of bars ready to get their hands on it..

Kick off your dancing shoes and get ready for the night of dreams in Nashville with these amazing bars. By day, Thompson Nashville’s rooftop is the perfect place to take in the Nashville skyline and enjoy a picturesque brunch.. Nashville’s best bar patios and rooftops can be found here, and the hottest new bars in town can be found on Eater’s cocktail heatmap. Owners Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks, which are split between a main indoor bar and a large outdoor patio, didn’t skimp on the details. Key elements included a custom-made brass bar top, antique wall-mounted cigarette vending machines, and late-19th century wood. century.

It’s a typical old-school Nashville bar with a solid, rotating roster of musicians playing all day, every day.