Bourbon steak by Michael Mina, a steakhouse in Nashville; 5. A guide to the best restaurants in Nashville, spanning neighborhoods, cuisines, and prices. Try local favorites like Coco’s Fresh Italian, Hattie Jane’s Creamery, Prince’s Hot Chicken, Pharmacy Burger, and Steam Boys. In addition to restaurants and bars, the Assembly Food Hall also has three stages for live performances. A list of iconic restaurants in Nashville must start with Nashville hot chicken.

This spicy bird is a staple food in Tennessee and, according to legend, it originated in Nashville as a form of vengeance. It is said that in the 1930s, a man named Thornton Prince III was not faithful to his wife. One evening she was fed up with his wife’s work, so she cooked him fried chicken for breakfast but added lots of spicy peppers.. It turns out he LOVED it and spent the next few years perfecting the recipe for hot chicken to be served at Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack family restaurant..

Broadway in downtown Nashville is lined with honky-tonks over several blocks, and underneath is the Tootsies Orchid Lounge. Tootsies may not be as flashy as some of the other bars along the sometimes noisy street, but it’s a Nashville legend. Originally called “Mom’s,” Tootsie Bess bought it in 1960 and renamed it after a worker painted the outside purple.. Some of the best restaurants in downtown Nashville include Etch, The Farm House, Husk Nashville, and Midtown Cafe.

Choose one of them and you’ll be ready to enjoy a delicious meal in a hospitable environment.. Ultimately, opt for the one that suits your mood and taste. Named after Willie Nelson from Texas, Shotgun Willie’s in East Nashville takes the Nashville barbecue game to the next level. It’s all about the slow-cooked meat and bournana (bourbon banana) pudding. Nashville’s first takeaway, Hunters Station, is located in a former body shop in East Nashville and offers a wide mix of locally owned, fast-casual restaurants..

Tailor began as an extremely popular pop-up dinner party called the VEA Supper Club, which was hosted at various restaurants and venues around Nashville.. If you’re trying to explore Nashville on a budget, head to the Market House at the Nashville Farmers’ Market for a cheap lunch. The Nashville foodie community was in turmoil when the Hermitage Hotel announced that world-class chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten would be the culinary genius behind the redesign of the hotel’s main restaurant.. Although Nashville isn’t close to a coast, this restaurant offers a range of delicious seafood dishes, including a raw oyster bar..

Born in Charleston, this restaurant is a transplant in name only, as chefs Bryan Lee Weaver and Christopher DeJesus have made the ever-changing menu at Butcher %26 Bee in East Nashville their very own. But did you know that Nashville also has a lively culinary scene? So lively, in fact, that the number of well-known restaurants here is simply unbelievable. The trio has already expanded the concept to other Nashville neighborhoods, including the only black restaurant in the Lower Broad tourist district and new locations in the state as well as in Georgia and California.. At Lockeland Table, a popular East Nashville neighborhood, chef Hal Holden-Bache puts a new spin on a Nashville icon with crispy pork belly and empanadas, but there’s a lot more going on here.

Consistency, Clam Pies and Pork Milanesa from McFerrin Park Restaurant prove that Krajeck can steer two ships at the same time. Both Folk in East Nashville and Kraject’s second restaurant, Rolf and Daughters in Germantown, remain local favorites.. Nashville is home to restaurants that serve everything from traditional Southern cuisine to upscale, upscale international cuisine.. Wilson helped spread the word about Nashville when he opened his Italian restaurant in Germantown before it became the hotspot neighborhood it is today.. The removal from Eater 38 doesn’t mean that a restaurant isn’t still great and won’t return in the future, but it does allow for new additions, so the 38 remains a fresh, inclusive example of what Nashville has to offer.