Although it has only been known as Springwater since 1978, the bar itself has been open in the same location for 100 years and claims to be the “oldest bar in Tennessee serving alcohol legally or illegally, whether legal or illegal. During Prohibition, it was converted into a pub. A fantastic pub just steps away from the weekend. Broadway locals come to this smoke-friendly sports venue to enjoy an entertaining cast of regulars, bar games, and good pizza. Of course, there’s the honky-tonks strip on Broadway that Nashville is known for, but in addition to the neon signs and country music, there’s a radius that’s home to some of the area’s most relaxed, dingy bars


So where do you go when you need a cheap drink and a place to relax for a few hours? Take a look at these 11 unmissable dive bars in Nashville. McLaughlin had a particular fondness for Norma’s Dusty Road, a now long-forgotten pub tucked away on the east Nashville side of the Cumberland River, on Woodland St.